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3 Chafing Solutions for Endurance Athletes


3 Chafing Solutions for Endurance Athletes

Whether you are new to endurance sports or not, there is a good chance you have experienced chafing at some point during your training/racing. If you have experience chafing you know it can turn a great workout/race into a very painful one. Chafing is caused by friction from two things rubbing on each other. So to avoid chafing, one needs to focus on eliminating friction in problem areas. There are several products available specifically designed to eliminate friction. Below is a list of some of the products. Only you can decide which product is the best for you, so we recommend trying a few different ones until you find one that works well for you.

1) Trislide. Trislide is a skin glide silicone spray. It can be applied to any area of the body where chafing and/or hot spots occur. “Trislide will not damage the neoprene materials, when compared to the deterioration cause by commonly used petroleum jelly, other petroleum based products and/or cooking sprays.”*

Based on personal experience, a silicone based product last longer on the skin than wax and petroleum based products. Because Trislide comes in an aerosol can, sharing with friends is a breeze and not awkward. When you are done working out Trislide washes off with warm soapy water.

2) Body Glide. Body Glide is a wax-based, anti-chafing skin protectant. The product rubs on problem areas similar to the way one applies deodorant. Body Glide was developed by a surfer to prevent chafing in a wetsuit. It works well in and out of the water.

Body Glide is one of the most popular chaffing products on the market. Based on personal experience, Body glide works well on the neck and armpits for swimming. But also works well on the inner thighs and feet.

3) Sports Shield. Sports Shield is an anti-friction skin guard. The product “Lasts all day, even under extreme conditions, is waterproof, and is non-staining, non toxic, non greasy, and contains no animal products.”*** Sports Shield has a convenient roll-on applicator, which makes application very easy.

Based on personal experience, this product performs well over all distances and on all parts of the body. The silicone in the applicator can evaporate if it is left in extreme heat for extended periods of time, so try to avoid leaving it in your car during the summer.

To sum it all up, each of the above-mentioned products are unique in some way. Trislide is silicone-based and comes as an aerosol spray. Body Glide is a wax-based product that rubs on your skin. Sports Shield is another silicone-based product that rolls on. In our experience with these products, they all work well. Determining which is right for you is simply a matter of preference.

* Information from the product label.
**This is solely the opinion of the author, your experience may vary and we recommend you try the product for yourself.
*** Information from the product label.

Written by Jay Pedersen

Amateur Endurance